PHILIPP PLEIN is introducing the new era of digital fashion shows. ‘A vision beyond your imagination’. See it, feel it and live it. Experience the show and escape into another dimension. This show is a futuristic work of art and innovation. The brand PHILIPP PLEIN has set with this show a new standard and level of production in the fashion industry like never seen before. PHILIPP PLEIN is a brand for those who reject conformity and live on their own terms. It’s a brand for the innovators, trail blazers, rule breakers and above all, those who dare. Bolder in attitude, bolder in design, bolder in expression and uncompromising in quality. This is what the brand represents. During your journey into the abyss, PHILIPP PLEIN is introducing the newest icons of its fall winter 2021 collection. The swiss fashion house makes a strong statement with quality and design by using only the best materials and artisans to produce its products. The new sneaker ‘HURRICANE 0.2’, the newest version of the multicolor ‘MONEY BEAST’, a limited edition of a fully crystalized high top version of the sneaker ‘MEGA STAR’, the innovative high heel with the shape of a blade ‘THE EDGE’, two new iconic shades, the limited edition PHILIPP PLEIN ‘BLACK GHOST’ handbag, a new version of the iconic ‘PHANTOM KICKS’, the innovative 3D printed runner ‘THE SKELETON’ and a futuristic ladies boot ‘THUNDER’ are all starring in this fashion show production next to the new and innovative shape of the PHILIPP PLEIN ready to wear collection of next season. A part of this futuristic journey is also dedicated to the new faux fur collection of PHILIPP PLEIN. The production of this futuristic master piece has been taking place in Germany, New York, Los Angeles and Italy. The young digital artist, Antoni Tudisco is the master mind behind the futuristic animations. PHILIPP PLEIN has created together with Antoni Tudisco a limited-edition series of three unisex shirts and hoodies which are available on pre order for limited time only. The Godfather of hip hop, Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, known professionally as ‘SNOOP DOG’ is featured in the show and has produced a personalized remix version of his hit single ‘DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT’. INSPIRING GREATNESS AT IT’S FINEST.

Fall Winter 21-22