The $keleton™

$keleton Sneakers


3D printing technologies enable the development of new solutions in the luxury fashion and shoe industry. Luxury customisation is the most exciting contribution of 3D printing. One of the key advantages of 3D printing is the ability to produce very complex shapes and geometries that would be otherwise impossible to construct. The construction of one pair of shoes takes 8 hours of 3D printing due to the complexity of the model and its design.
PHILIPP PLEIN combines the traditional world of artisan shoe-making together with the futuristic technology of 3D printing. Our clients from now on will benefit from the full creative freedom which this new technology provides. The 3D printing technology allows us to develop and craft shoes that consider to be the world’s finest and most advanced in design and function.
PHILIPP PLEIN is sparing no effort to provide the newest and most luxurious technology to our clients today.
Due to the high time consuming production process, our production capacity is strictly limited to a small quantity per day only. After the purchase of your new $KELETON™, your name will be added to a production waiting list which is updated daily. The current waiting time is estimated from 1 to 2 months due to the high complexity of the processes involved in the creation.
The $KELETON™ collection is an homage to the advanced and futuristic world of 3D printing. This bespoke collection of 5 shoes beckons to those with an inquiring mind.
Choose from our exclusive collection or collaborate with our craft people and designers to create a PHILIPP PLEIN $KELETON™ which is completely unique to you. We offer to our clients to contact our VIP customer service in order to create your individual $KELETON™ made out of any material and color. The price for this exclusive experience is up on request and depends on the time and materials needed to realise the BESPOKE EDITION.