Lil Monster’s Gang NFT + Sculpture


The Lil Monsters Gang is the art collection created by PHILIPP PLEIN and ANTONI TUDISCO – The Crypto Kings. Lil Boo, Lil Cyclops, Lil Godzilla, Lil Sharky and Lil Skully, every character’s is realized as physical sculptures and as NFTs.

Sculptures are placed in the M.O.N.A. (Museum of NFTs Art) in London and every statue is 2 feet tall / 61 cm approximately. M.O.N.A. is also the digital art gallery and all the Lil Monsters Gang NFTs are available there.

Crypto King$ - Philipp Plein x Antoni Tudisco

A metamorphosis: Philipp Plein & Antoni Tudisco are transforming their artwork to life!


M.o.N.A. (MUSEUM of NFT ART) – is the first establishment that is inaugurated today in the Decentraland’s Plein Plaza. This art space has been devised by the designer as an open forum to the development and impulse to digital art aimed at encouraging and showcasing young NFT artists. The inauguration includes a guided tour of Plein’s immersive art world in the Metaverse together with an exhibition of a series of so far unreleased NFTs designed by the 2022 established art duo “Crypto Kings” a pseudonym designating the artistic collaboration between Philipp Plein and the world-renowned NFT artist Antoni Tudisco.


1. What is an NFT?

NFT is a non-fungible token or non-exchangeable digital protected object.

It represents unique and irreplaceable item (piece of data) stored in a blockchain and cannot be copied or exchanged.

Examples of NFTs may include digital art, art, images, sounds, videos and other types of digital files (e.g. collectibles, virtual reality items, crypto domain names, ownership records for physical assets, and more).

It allows the buyer to be the sole owner of the original item, with built in authentication and proof of ownership.

As an analogy you can imagine a masterpiece that physically exists only once as the original work as an exhibit in an art gallery or is in a private ownership (e.g. Mona Lisa).

This makes the creation and circulation of fake digital objects pointless because each item can be traced back to the original issuer. People call this exclusivity as a “digital bragging right”.

NFTs are certificates that attest to the authenticity, uniqueness and ownership of a digital asset and can not be replaced with other goods of the same kind.

2. What is a Blockchain?

Blockchain is a tracking technology that creates a permanent, public, transparent ledger system for recording sales data, tracking digital use and payments to content creators.

These information records are created in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack, or defraud it.

This is basically a digital book of transactions that is duplicated and distributed throughout the network of computer systems on the blockchain.

3. What is Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual reality that exists within the physical world and is created and accessed by people in the real world.

Its ultimate characteristic is decentralization. This new virtual universe functions in a decentralized way and anyone can network with anyone and anything in this virtual world and move around in it.

So, the Metaverse is a digital world that is controlled by us as real individuals, that is shaped by us, that is lived by us. In the metaverse, we are part of this digital world. It is not only displayed to us, and we can then "only" look at it (like e.g. 3D cinema). Instead, a real world is created.

To be able to move and stay in the metaverse, an avatar is necessary. Since it is a virtual world, there are no borders or boundaries. For example, each person can use their avatar to decide which world, space, environment, or social interaction they go into, and which other people (avatars) they meet. You can attend a virtual concert, buy a virtual gift for someone, and even go on vacation with a relative on the other side of the globe. Of course, wearing your Plein Sport sneakers while doing all of this. Avatars also want to be dressed and possess certain things. As it is in the real world.

4. What is Decentraland?

Launched in 2020, the platform is a blockchain-based virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland is a virtual world where you can play, explore, and interact with games and activities.

Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world, which means that it’s not owned by any single person or group of people. For the same reason, we call it a “Virtual Reality” because it creates an illusion or simulation of the physical world inside your head, in order to give you the sensation of being there. In this world, you can walk around wherever you want, or use the map to teleport to a specific location. You can party at a virtual club, visit NFT art shows, buy clothes and even catch up with your virtual friends.

5. How to enter Decentraland?

Users can enter it freely at any time, from anywhere in the world, and in doing so there's always continuity to their experience.

Relatively, joining the Decentraland Metaverse is easy and straightforward as it doesn’t require any software download.

  1. "First, go over to the Decentraland website."
  2. Click on the “START EXPLORING” button on the top right corner.
  3. Now, you will be provided with two options: Play as a guest or Play using your wallet.
  4. If you choose to play using your wallet, you need to connect your MetaMask/WalletConnect/Fortmatic wallet.
  5. Once done, the game starts to load.
  6. If you choose to play as a guest, you will be immediately transported to the Decentraland game world without any sign in. If you play as a guest, you will only be able to do limited stuff like exploring the land and customizing your avatar. However, you can play different games and buy LAND and create ASSETS if you play using your wallet.